About Monica

Growing up on a farm in country Victoria, I have always felt a deep connection to Mother Earth and the greater cosmic forces.

My childhood was scary and, at times, incredibly difficult but I have come to realise that those experiences have taught, and continue to teach, me valuable lessons and provided me with ALOT of soul-wisdom.

I used to think that my life would be defined by work and the money that employment would give me. The money I earn’t would be how I defined my success and found my place in the World.

However, I always had this nagging feeling and incessant need to find MORE!!! Surely there was something more to this story than work and money? Surely I wasn’t born to just be a robot? I knew I had a greater purpose and it was up to me to figure it out!

And I’ve made my fair share of ‘mistakes’ and weird choices but I have come to love the journey I’ve travelled and the roads I am led down.

I note that up until 2014 I was still a complete skeptic - I didn’t believe in energy, I didn’t believe in God (or a higher power), I believed Science knew everything and pigs can’t fly. But 2014 was completely life-changing for me, after working myself into the ground (doing 12+hr days 350 days of the year), neglecting my body in SOO many ways (junk food, drugs, no exercise etc) and being depressed - my Being gave out and I broke down into one of the biggest anxiety attacks I’ve ever had!!!
For 1 week I couldn’t move from my bed, even the thought of pulling back the covers made my eyes well up - I had not felt this helpless and weak EVER!

This was my wake-up call! If I continued down this path of self-denial and self-sabotage, I was going to get very very sick and so I had a choice to make - change or die?!
And with the amazing love and support of my family and friends, BOY, did I change - I have been on the ride of my life and it hasn’t always been easy but it’s gotten better and more amazing each time :)

This journey of self-love and self-acceptance is my life’s work. It is what I will do for the rest of my life - nurturing myself, deepening my understanding of Self and helping others do the same.

My mission and purpose for Reclaim You is to share all of the beautiful nuggets of gold I’ve picked up along the way.

I focus on health & well-being - developing a loving relationship with yourself and your body, from the inside out. This is really pivotal in our development as we can’t really begin to channel those greater universal energies until we LOVE the body we’re in and the Earth we’re on. I believe that if we are not grounded here on Earth and we start open up to the cosmos, we can get lost and unstable in our outer-body!

Once our foundation is solid, I then focus on alignment and integration. This really comes down to aligning and balancing our whole Being (mind, body and Soul) and then expanding our consciousness (blending with our Soul).

Why do I believe this is important?
Well, my ultimate mission is to help and support more people understand and endeavour on their SOUL MISSION!
We were all put on this Earth to do AMAZING things and the more of us on our path of enlightenment - the more our collective frequency rises and bring forth the New Earth Age!


This is our Truth and I am here to help you BE it.

Love Always,
Mon xx <3