Law of Attraction

Becoming a Leader

Dearest Earth Brothers and Sisters, 

Did you know that being a “healer” doesn’t automatically make you a “business”?

For so long I had though that all I had to do was become an amazing Healer and I’ll flourish. If I build my skills, experience and expertise in my craft then I’ll have everything sussed out. 

But, I realise now that that’s just not the case!

You see if being an amazing Healer/Mentor was the secret then there would be MORE people…

Your other half

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are going well and that you have found your feet through July.  This has been the month of integration and redefining ourselves. As we are in a year of completion there is so much happening in our lives and it can be hard to keep up – just remember you are not alone!

I struggled with what I wanted to write this month, I always have lots of ideas but trying to pinpoint just 1 topic and make it a piece of writing is a totally different story.  When I write about anything it’s easiest to talk about what has been happening in my life – this month it’s been about men, more specifically a partner (in the romantic sense).

I am 22 years old (young I know) and to be honest I haven’t had the best examples of what a positive relationship should look like. There are many books and articles about “how to get guy”, “how to have a successful relationship” or “what men want” but I started reading them and the majority are in-authentic, they tell you to be and act a certain way in order to lure the other party in.  That just did not sit right with me and given I am the type of person who wants to tell social conditioning to “F*** off” I am compelled to come up with my own approach.


June has been a massive month and I have been in a constant state of download – information overload, I am still integrating everything!!

Before reading this I strongly suggest that you read my posts relating to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. I have also uploaded a video which might be easier if you do not feel like reading.

To summarise: The Divine Feminine is the essence of creation, subtlety, sensuality and turning our gaze inwards, focusing on ourselves as an individuals. The Divine Masculine is all about leadership, structure, balance and looking at everything outside of our bodies. 

We live in duality so we need to remember that there are always 2 sides, 2 possibilities to each situation – without the negative we cannot experience the positive and vice versa.

As we endeavour on our spiritual journey (or whatever you wish to call it) we pursue an existence filled with love and positivity.  We no longer want a life based around materialism, destruction or mundane-ness.