Becoming a Leader

Dearest Earth Brothers and Sisters, 

Did you know that being a “healer” doesn’t automatically make you a “business”?

For so long I had though that all I had to do was become an amazing Healer and I’ll flourish. If I build my skills, experience and expertise in my craft then I’ll have everything sussed out. 

But, I realise now that that’s just not the case!

You see if being an amazing Healer/Mentor was the secret then there would be MORE people…

The Shift - 3D to 5D: What does it mean?

Dearest Earth Family, 

There’s been a lot of communication flooding the Earth about us shifting from 3D Consciousness to 5D Consciousness.

Now, I know a lot of you are thinking “Huh? What are you talking about?” which is exactly why I’ve written this blog.

Simply put shifting from 3D to 5D is us remembering our multi-dimensional selves. 

Let me delve deeper! :)

For a very long time, humans have been bound to the 3rd dimension, in physical form, in what I would call an ‘amnesic’ state…

What defines us is how well we rise after falling

Dearest Earth Family,

This week the energy has (again) intensified – causing us to go deeper, shift and expand.

If you haven’t guessed already this is the theme for 2019, just when you’ve found your comfy spot, after going deeper within, revealing more and becoming wiser…


The Universe gives you some more.

  • More DEPTH


  • More WISDOM

And so, when we reflect on our growth and past, what are we left with…

The Story of Reclaim You


There as a bright blue eyed little girl who had this SPARK, an energy of glow and happiness. 

She lit up any room she entered, she could enter the Sun and still make it shine brighter. 

Her iridescent blue eyes were a beacon of hope and peace, a mere gaze would shift the fibres of your Being. 

How could one so young, hold so much light?

But, over time her light was dulled…

The Art of Letting Go

Dearest Earth Brothers and Sisters,

…And whilst feeling and being confident in your craft is a whole other can of worms – it’s not the one I’m opening today, NO, there is another theme here and it’s DETACHMENT!

All of my life I have been surrounded by people who rarely practiced detachment, healthily. I mean consider the circumstances, we live in a society that promotes a consumerist lifestyle - our goal is literally to get stuff and show how awesome we are for having it. BOOO!!

Think about it – if someone takes your house, are you going to have a breakdown…

Rise, Brothers and Sisters, you are Light

Dearest Earth Family,

I have undoubtedly been flying under the radar lately, mainly because I am downloading a lot of new skills, processes, ideas, people, guides and the list truly goes on. I’ve had to really focus on myself which has limited my exposure to my Earth community. However, even in my state of stillness and integration, I have been called to write this piece for you…

When you begin, and continue to, practice self-respect and self-honouring your dialogue/perspective/mentality shifts. It may seem subtle but all the responsibility, energy and power is, and re-becomes, your own. This is natural instinct for us but it has become suppressed by eras of conditioning, however, it is time to for you to heal this ‘bad habit’. When you immediately revert to Self and seek your own intuitive intelligence, you no longer remain a ‘victim’ but become your own saviour…

Endless possibilities

My dearest Earth Family,

It is with tremendous joy and love that I write this blog for you - the first for 2017! Exciting! 

We have just ticked over into the cosmic New Year (aka Chinese New Year) and the New Moon in Aquarius – did you feel it?  I can feel the energy rising and culminating, whilst also feeling slightly erratic which has kept us on our toes. Was it the same for you?
This piece expands more on the unfolding collective metamorphosis in the context of a 1 numerological year. 

As I wrote in my previous blog “over the next 18 months, the Earth will undergo magnificent changes, our civilisation will experience a breakdown of the redundant social constructs which have been in play over last few thousand years”. We have been a part of this Earth for a long time but, for far too long we have lived unconsciously. I interpret unconscious living as being without 'Soul thought', meaning we act out of habit and subservience. We follow what those in places of power without any deep contemplation and, heaven forbid if we decide that one person’s way does not resonate with us. This year is the beginning...