Becoming a Leader

Dearest Earth Brothers and Sisters, 

Did you know that being a “healer” doesn’t automatically make you a “business”?

For so long I had though that all I had to do was become an amazing Healer and I’ll flourish. If I build my skills, experience and expertise in my craft then I’ll have everything sussed out. 

But, I realise now that that’s just not the case!

You see if being an amazing Healer/Mentor was the secret then there would be MORE people…

The Shift - 3D to 5D: What does it mean?

Dearest Earth Family, 

There’s been a lot of communication flooding the Earth about us shifting from 3D Consciousness to 5D Consciousness.

Now, I know a lot of you are thinking “Huh? What are you talking about?” which is exactly why I’ve written this blog.

Simply put shifting from 3D to 5D is us remembering our multi-dimensional selves. 

Let me delve deeper! :)

For a very long time, humans have been bound to the 3rd dimension, in physical form, in what I would call an ‘amnesic’ state…

When did you stop loving yourself? Change your self-loathing to self-LOVING!

“…Nowadays, I am fairly comfortable just being myself and doing what I need in the moment. 

Like if I’m too hot and sweaty in yoga I take my top off and if I’m sitting down in a conference but need to stretch my legs, I’ll get up and do what I need in the moment.

However, it wasn’t always like this!!
The idea of being seen in my sports bra (tummy out for everyone to see) by other people was HORRIFYING!! 
OR being at a seminar where everyone was sitting down listening intently, the idea of getting up to stretch felt like I would be disturbing the peace, OR “breaking the rules” …

Who else can relate to this? 

I’m certain that there are things that you’ve denied yourself during some time in your life in order to not look/be perceived as weird or strange?! …”

The Art of Letting Go

Dearest Earth Brothers and Sisters,

…And whilst feeling and being confident in your craft is a whole other can of worms – it’s not the one I’m opening today, NO, there is another theme here and it’s DETACHMENT!

All of my life I have been surrounded by people who rarely practiced detachment, healthily. I mean consider the circumstances, we live in a society that promotes a consumerist lifestyle - our goal is literally to get stuff and show how awesome we are for having it. BOOO!!

Think about it – if someone takes your house, are you going to have a breakdown…

A spell for integration

Hello everyone,

...There is so much to be said about matter and, the prominent theme of my thoughts has been how everything is connected – EVERYTHING. 
It’s quite daunting when you think of all that is, in its entirety, and realise we are all one originating from the same place, matter thrown forth from the big bang - the creation of creation. 
When you determine that this capacious reality is so quantum-ly entangled, you realise it’s all the same but also completely different AND somehow non-existent/impermanent. Such is the expansiveness of consciousness and the infinite universe. Whilst I don’t believe our mortal minds could even try to fathom or explain this, there is an underlying feeling within us all which doesn’t dispute this idea in fact, it is completely opposite we “know” this and accept it in totality....