Change is coming...

Greetings my fellow beings,

What an interesting journey we have had these last few months. We have experienced a total uproot of humanity. Our current society is being completely and unconditionally reprogrammed. The past events over the last few thousands of years has instigated the evolution of mass consciousness. We have undergone collective lessons of compassion, segregation and ideation, each an integral step in the progression of the human race. This has not been by chance and given we are in a construct of free will, these events and circumstances have been of our own making, in order to experience the destruction of our own planet and species. 

Although, however late it may seem, everything is always changeable, everything always has the capacity to be healed and transformed. It was imperative to push our ignorance as far as possible in order to learn and understand the impotence and cataclysmic outcome of our actions. This serves a much higher purpose, whilst the destruction of Earth was quantumly weighted the odds and probabilities of all possibilities in the universe are changing and so it reinforces the power and divine gift we all have - co-creation...

A spell for integration

Hello everyone,

...There is so much to be said about matter and, the prominent theme of my thoughts has been how everything is connected – EVERYTHING. 
It’s quite daunting when you think of all that is, in its entirety, and realise we are all one originating from the same place, matter thrown forth from the big bang - the creation of creation. 
When you determine that this capacious reality is so quantum-ly entangled, you realise it’s all the same but also completely different AND somehow non-existent/impermanent. Such is the expansiveness of consciousness and the infinite universe. Whilst I don’t believe our mortal minds could even try to fathom or explain this, there is an underlying feeling within us all which doesn’t dispute this idea in fact, it is completely opposite we “know” this and accept it in totality....

Water for life

We are all aware that water is important.  Our bodies range between 60%-75% water, so it’s a no brainer that we need water to survive.  With that in mind, I believe our next step is for us to start thinking about the quality of water we are using.  This post is all about the effect living water has on our entire energetic scaffold. 

You may ask - what is living water?

Living water is spring water, rain water, pure water at the mouth of a river – occurring naturally, flowing unobstructed and uncontaminated.  This water is full of nutrients and, more importantly, information!

Let’s use processed and unprocessed foods as an example. 
Yes, processed foods provide our bodies with energy but, what is the quality of that energy? Generally, it’s a lot of sugar!  The composition of these foods is not balanced and instead of ingesting a healthy amount of each nutrient, we consume foods that shock our bodies.  This reaction causes a detriment to our whole health, not only because the foods are unbalanced but also because they are packed with chemicals/preservatives, even the energy and mentality of manufacturing has an effect on our food.