Mentoring with Mon

Soul Call to my Mentees:

A life by design means you need to become a designer!

But… what does this mean? 

I thought I knew what I wanted:

  • Big house

  • Expensive car

  • Family

  • Partner

  • Friends 

  • Amazing career 

  • Rich af

etc etc

Yet, I realise now that those things are completely insignificant! 

So what?

You probably already know that – yeah but do you really? 

Or are you silently still dreaming of all the above? 

And that’s totally OK!

So I ask you again – what does this mean?  

I understand now that what I wanted is a product of who I needed to BECOME!

Rather than what I WANTED to acquire! 

Yes? Cool, stay with me…

 I needed to BECOME my vision

I needed to BECOME my purpose

I needed to BECOME my mission 

I needed to BECOME the living, breathing essence of that which I was put on this Earth to share and activate

Tell me, do you know what you’re here to do? 

Do you have this burning desire to change time?

Do you have this reserve of energy begging to be released?

Do you have this feeling of unrest within you?

Do you have this untapped potential but have no idea what to do? 

Hmm… I sure did!

Gosh, I can tell you so many stories of my yearning for something MORE!

All the time thinking that I needed a different job 
a bigger salary 
a relationship 
Some miracle

Do you know what I really needed? 

I needed someone to say:

“You’re here for GREATNESS and it’s time you start BECOMING it” 

You could say I needed validation but it’s deeper than that…

I needed belief! 

Because I couldn’t give it to myself so I needed to borrow it!

I needed to know that I wasn’t crazy for thinking that I was this EXTRAORDINARY person…

I needed to know that feeling DIFFERENT and POWERFUL was totally normal…

I needed to know that everything I dreamed about doing and achieving was completely POSSIBLE…

This hitting deep? 


Because that’s exactly what I’m here to do:

-      You’re not crazy

-      You’re not normal; and

-      Everything is possible

So it’s time, Dear Friend, that you start becoming the person you were born to be!  

Mentoring with me is a journey into the deep unknown!

We traverse worlds and realities you didn’t even know existed!

We discover what you’re truly capable of because what you feel inside is just the tip of the iceberg!

We RECLAIM your sovereignty and Divine Purpose!

We unleash you into the World as the FRICKEN POWERHOUSE that you are!


Feeling this? 


Disclaimer though: This isn’t for the faint hearted.
This is for the brave and those who are committed to going deep within, even to those parts that you’re scared to reveal and afraid to share
– it’s OK! We’ll do it together!

This is for those who’s fire can’t be stifled anymore 

This is for those who just can’t bear to be anything other than GREAT 

This is for those who are, no matter what, committed to CHANGE

This is for those who won’t turn back

This is for those who are now READY to Reclaim You!

Know that by endeavoring on this journey you will be divinely supported not only by myself but also by your Galactic Team

Know that I will hold space for you to believe in your POWER and step into your PURPOSE

Remember, tell yourself:

“I Reclaim You, and together we Reclaim Ourselves”

I work with people who are tired of the grind, tired of the stress, tired of the fake and tired of being tired!
I work with people who no longer stand for being a robot and hiding themselves away but who are READY to become their true and whole selves!
I work with people who have that SPARK within them and want to ignite their fire that will lead them on their journey of PURPOSE and IMPACT!

My passion is supporting you on your journey to FREEDOM in all areas of your life.
Ultimately, shifting you from a life of pointlessness to a life of MEANING!

I offer:

1:1 Mentoring (3, 6 and 9 month packages); and

Exclusive VIP experiences, including:
’Days with Mon’ (available in Melbourne, Phillip Island and virtually); and
’Golden Getaway’ (Phillip Island 3-day intimate retreat).

My sessions are very organic and intuitive.
They are often interactive as we do a range of bodywork, breath work and energy work.
Treatment is often changing and evolving as our goal is to always follow our Divine Guidance and trust in our innate healing gifts.

If this resonates with you and you’re called to work with me, please reach out via the below button and we can have a chat!

I look forward to hearing from you Beautiful Soul!

Love Always,
Mon xx

Monica has a beautiful soulful energy that very naturally holds a space that makes you feel safe and allows you to surrender to the experience. I loved the overall treatment. For me the experience really felt like a clearing out and resetting of every part of my being. During the treatment I felt completely relaxed and was surprised by the very real subtle/energetic sensations. Following my treatment I felt oddly open, I felt an overall lightness and clarity that seemed to continue in the days after. I [also] feel very calm and have a strange feeling like I am actually seeing things differently.
— Carly Hamilton
I had never had a healing before, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Monica was absolutely amazing! The space was so calm and warm from the moment I walked through her door. The healing was tranquil and completely focused around me and what was going inside me at that minute. Afterwards we sat, drank tea, and discussed what she discovered and what I had felt throughout the process; no pressure, no expectations. It truly was a beautiful experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking to check in with themselves. Thank you Mon for such an amazing welcoming to the world of healings! Can’t wait to see you again soon!
— Allison Premischook
I’ve felt a lot lighter and… I feel like i’m a lot closer to moving on and I’ve noticed the relation between self worth… I also noticed a massive change in my breathing, especially the day after. I felt [Monica] was genuinely compassionate about my situations and issues that were addressed. [Monica] is friendly, calm, kind, and efficient and it’s obvious that she has the best intention in mind. Loved it!
— Katie Slattery