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Stepping out of the Shadows

A 5-day online guided program that will enable you open the doors to your True Potential

This transformational program is broken down into 3 phases. Each phase has been designed to help and support you on your journey of awakening through guided meditations/activations and aligned actions for you to complete and implement.

  • Phase 1: Surrender
    This phase is all about realising your need to do everything yourself - of going it alone. Here, we align you with your Truth that you are a Master Creator, by activating your Star energy and decoding the false programs that keep you in a stories of resistance and disharmony. With this your whole perspective will shift, immediately you’ll FEEL more you, more aligned and more in flow - this is my favourite part of the program.

  • Phase 2: Purge
    This phase is critical to ascension and manifestation. Here, I share how to easily and gracefully process your triggers/fears/self-limiting beliefs. I am extremely passionate about teaching techniques that are simple (yet powerful) and actually give you results. A huge part of ‘Purge’ is being supported through a deep soulful experience, our intention is to shine light onto the darkest parts of our psyche - helping you feel complete love and acceptance.

  • Phase 3: Prepare
    This phase is all about seeding your new intentions for your future self and who you’re wanting to become and what you’re wanting to attract - it’s super fun where we get to play with imagination and dreams! It’s always EXCITING manifesting the FUTURE - YAY :D

The investment for this program is $555AUD

Intake Dates:

Monday, 22 April 2019
Monday, 6 May 2019
Monday, 20 May 2019

Secure your spot NOW by clicking the link below and prepare to KICKASS!!!

All content and meditations/activations are held in a Facebook Group. You will receive access to the Facebook Group once payment has been processed.

I note that you will have lifetime access to this course and our Facebook community :)