This is a photo of my 2 retreat coordinators, Carolin and Frankie, when I was in Bali (January 2019) - both amazing women xx

This is a photo of my 2 retreat coordinators, Carolin and Frankie, when I was in Bali (January 2019) - both amazing women xx


My intention is to access all levels of your Being.
My focus is on uncovering and understanding what is out of balance and causing dis-ease within your Being. I look at the aspects of mind, body and Soul and how they connect with each other in order to find the root of the cause of disempowerment. This enables us to transform and reprogram your Being to bring back peace and harmony.
I particularly focus on areas pertaining to self love and value in connection with discovering your Earthly Purpose.
This enables my clients to feel whole, centred and powerful: Reclaim You

Intuitive Healing

Our purpose here is to understand where you are lacking and self-sabotaging. We delve into your childhood and current dynamics to decipher what conditions and beliefs are no longer serving you and where you want to go. You have come here because you are ready for dramatic change, you are ready to step into your Divine Truth and embody your Sovereign Self. Together we assess your Being through breaking down your mind, body and Soul.
Mind = What are your recurring thoughts? What is the theme of your mental dynamic? Are you suffering from mental illness?
Body = how is your physical body? Are you well/healthy? What is unhealthy? Do you experience pain/sickness/dis-ease?
Soul = Do you feel aligned? Does life feel easy? Do you feel purposeful?
By delving into these questions and getting to the root cause of suffering and suppression, we can reprogram and revolutionise your reality. Our Beings are truly intelligent lifeforms and with the right intention and tools we can transform and do anything we want.
An intuitive healing session with me is a declaration to yourself that you are ready to be YOU and you are ready to take on the world.  


Reiki is the channelling of energy in the form of pure unconditional love. This energy has its own consciousness and is able to heal and balance the energies in our bodies, assisting/accelerating our innate ability to heal ourselves. This vibration is extremely calming and serene and will make you feel lighter, peaceful and revitalised. 

Feminine Power

Women have spoken and have declare that being a woman is beautiful and sacred, and wish to embody the essence of the Divine Feminine. In this session our primary focus is initiating you into womanhood. This will enhance your feminine identity and help you break away from the patriarchal system of suppression and shame.
I dream that all of my Sisters wake up each and everyday knowing they're QUEEN's.


I may be drawn to do bodywork/massage in our session. This compliments my other therapies as it assists with moving/shifting energy in the body.